Be a Shadows Volunteer!

Volunteers are essential for the smooth operation of the Shadows of the Mind Film Festival. Each year, Shadows depends on the skills of a committed group of volunteers to fill various positions both prior to and during the festival. In return, Shadows offers its volunteers:

  • The opportunity to contribute their skills and gain valuable experience through participation in a unique film festival focused on educating and bringing awareness about various social issues;
  • The opportunity to contribute to Sault Ste. Marie’s cultural community, meet new people and have fun;
  • Access to creenings and events at the 2007 Shadows of the Mind Film Festival; and,
  • An invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Evening that will follow the festival.

There are a number of interesting volunteer opportunities available at Shadows, both on year-round planning committees or as an on-site volunteer. The descriptions of all volunteer positions are detailed below. If you have specific ideas or skills that you would like to put into action at Shadows – please do let us know, we would love to hear from you. Likewise, if you have specific learning goals you would like to achieve while volunteering with us, please let us know on the application form so we can best help.

If you are interested in volunteering with Shadows of the Mind Film Festival please complete the Volunteer Application Form return it along with your current resume to the Shadows of the Mind Film Festival office (must request by email).

On-Site Volunteer Job Descriptions

Poster Distributor

Must be friendly, have good communication skills and maintain a professional image with all contacts made, also, depending on route chosen, a vehicle may be required. Duties include: distribute festival posters and schedules throughout the city to local businesses and organizations and to be knowledgeable about the festival in order to answer questions.

Office Support

Must be professional, organized, able to work independently and a self-starter. Duties include: Answer telephone and email inquiries, sell tickets / passes and balance cash floats efficiently, maintain databases, photocopy, organize mail-outs, etc., have general knowledge of festival in order to answer questions.

Information/Ticket Desk

Must be organized, friendly and able to work consistently under the pressures of crowds and line-ups. Duties include: sell tickets, passes and souvenir items, balance money and merchandise correctly each shift, promote festival events and films, answer a wide variety of questions from the general public about the festival.

Ticket Taker/Usher

Must be friendly and helpful, able to think quickly and organize large lines of people. Duties include: Greet guests as they arrive and leave the theatre, check for appropriate tickets, change signs at theatre door, set up line barriers, organize the evaluation table and other display booths during films, guide guests to available seats within theatre, specifically when lights are off, change garbage containers, open theatre doors to allow for fresh air, provide announcer with tickets for prize draw, have general knowledge of festival in order to answer questions.

Special Events Assistant

Must be friendly and helpful, may be required to work with money. Duties include: set-up and take down equipment and/or decorations, take tickets and/or coats, direct customers to seats, provide general assistance during the event.

Shift Leader

Must be a good leader, be well organized, and work well under pressure. Duties include: orient each volunteer at the beginning of each shift, float between all areas of the theatre to relay communications, provide last minute updates and provide assistance where necessary, supervise all volunteers to ensure all duties are completed, hold festival keys, cell phone and camera, take photos of various aspects of the festival, answer general questions about the festival, meet with volunteers at the end of their shifts, provide reports and updates for following Shift Leader.

Year-Round Volunteer Committees

Sponsorship Committee

Secures financial support through sponsorship recruitement and advertisement sales.

Panel/Workshop Committee

Coordinates panel discussions and educational workshops to complement the festival.

Special Events Committee

Coordinates fundraisor events, promotional events, galas, etc. to complement the festival.

Film Selection Committee

Reviews, selects, and manages all film-related needs of the festival.

Volunteer Committee

Recruits, trains, schedules, and manages all volunteer needs of the festival.

Promotions Committee

Manages all festival advertisement, media relations and printed materials.

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